Battery Planned Maintenance

Battery planned maintenance gives you confidence in your equipment in 4 ways.


Keeping the power centre of your equipment in reliable operating condition is key to your productivity. A healthy battery reduces electro-mechanical failures – resulting in less downtime and lower equipment repair costs.

  • Regular inspections identify weak or failed cells undermining the performance of your battery and lift equipment. Timely identification and prompt repairs minimize downtime.
  • Cables, connectors and contacts are examined and repaired. This minimizes the risk of shorting or explosion, which reduces risk to employees and ensures equipment performance.
  • Each cell’s electrolyte is checked and filled to the appropriate level. We can equip your staff with the tools and training to safely handle the task. Or we can do it for you, on an as needed frequency, determined by your usage.
  • The battery is cleaned to neutralize corrosive acid. This acid not only compromises battery performance and life expectancy, it is a hazard to workers, work site, and equipment function.

We work efficiently, cause very little disruption to your operation and no mess.

Warranty Validation

Our regular maintenance program satisfies manufacturers’ requirements for warranty repair or replacement. We offer quarterly, tri-annual, or bi-annual inspections, depending on your needs.

Each inspection is recorded and saved in a document (hard copy or electronic) that creates a unique profile for each battery.

Action Battery Service represents warranty claims to manufacturers on your behalf. Backing up claims with inspection data most often results in quick assessment and resolution.

Capital/Asset Management

By monitoring and trending the condition of your batteries, you’re better able to plan and budget for your operation’s needs. Our customers also say they see a marked increase in the life expectancy of their batteries after investing in an Action Battery Service planned maintenance program.

Operation/Site Safety

While onsite, we identify areas of operation, handling and charging that could be improved to reduce employee exposure to electrical and corrosive hazards and increase the life expectancy of your batteries.

We have created and deliver a Use & Care of Industrial Batteries training course covering safety, handling, charging, operating and maintenance practices for operators or warehouse supervisors.

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