We deliver our Use & Care of Industrial Batteries training course onsite.

Action Battery Service has created a 30-45 minute Use & Care of Industrial Batteries training course that includes a PowerPoint presentation, hands-on demonstration aids, 20-question quiz, and battery room signage templates. We can deliver the workshop to electric forklift operators, plant managers, warehouse supervisors, crew leaders, OHS staff and safety committee officers, and plant maintenance staff.

The 30-45 minute workshop introduces your staff to safe industrial battery handling and usage practices. The training has direct benefits – economic (capital cost savings and increased productivity) and human (personal safety and reduced risk of liability).

Learning outcomes:

  • Operators are able to identify major characteristics of industrial batteries
  • Operators are able to move/change batteries safely in the workplace
  • Operators are able to carry out proper battery operating, watering and charging practices, ensuring maximum productivity
  • Operators are able to contribute to proper care and upkeep of capital equipment
  • Your staff better understand their role in the proper operation and maintenance of equipment